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Create Your Own Brave Space

We have a tendency to live outside of the present moment, don't we?

A tendency to replay stories of what we think about ourselves, our traumas, fears, disorders. A tendency to live in the future - this is where and when our anxiety manifests. We have a tendency to operate from a place of fear. To shy away from the things that scare us the most. To blame, suppress, disengage, and envy.

Like a bike path that has a rut in it, if you tell yourself something over and over, you'll only dig that rut deeper.

But what if I told you that you could rewrite these stories?

What if you told yourself something different?

I live in my stories. Every day. Every single day, I have to rewrite them. It's challenging. It's excruciating at times. And, it's a lot of two steps forward, one step back sorta progress.

"I am worthy, I am powerful, I am enough." I repeat this mantra to myself every day. All day, some days. The key is to learn to tell yourself the things you need to hear. Tell yourself the things you want to hear. I have said it before: the most powerful medicine you have is what you feed the matter in between your ears.

If you're only as strong as your weakest link, don't let that link be your mind - the voices in your head. Tame them, control them, use them as fuel: whatever you must. Your inner dialogue has the power to be your greatest and strongest attribute - a catalyst for growth, an inspiration for achieving things you never knew were possible.

Repeat mantras that mean something to you. It can be something you have to work on, something you struggle with daily, something you need reminding of, or something that just feels right.

I am enough.

I am powerful.

I am worthy.

Rinse, repeat.

Every challenge is an opportunity to grow. Every decision is an opportunity for you to change the narrative of your life and your mindset. Remember: YOU have the power. And, sometimes you just need to have a little faith and take the step over the edge.

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