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Self-Love: A Radical Act of Rebellion

Self-acceptance is a real foreign concept to a majority of us.⁣ So many aren’t taught how to love ourselves at all.

We are taught to hate our bodies, to put ourselves down, to dim our success, our light, and to stay small.

Most of us were taught this by our own mothers. Who were taught the same by theirs.⁣ A lineage of generational self-hatred slipped in between lullabies.

They taught us this not with the intention to harm us, but because this was all they knew — belittling messages from a patriarchal society that held women in place by convincing them that loving themselves was a symptom of something negative.

The same messages has resonated to hold us in place and keep us from EXPANDING and TAKING UP SPACE even today. This is why loving yourself is seen as a RADICAL ACT of REBELLION.

It's acknowledging, recognizing, learning, appreciating, embracing our beauty, power, intelligence, and emotions with grace. It’s taking BACK YOUR POWER so you can live FULLY and AUTHENTICALLY in this world, without limiting yourself, or your incredible capacity to make an impact.

How are you reclaiming your self-love? What limiting messages are you ready to release?

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